Braveheart brings a bit of Scotland to Pennsylvania

The only thing I don’t like about the Braveheart in Hellertown, Pennsylvania is that I don’t live close enough to it to become a regular.  But this is such a remarkably great Scottish pub that I have often made the nearly 90 minute trip just to sit and enjoy the atmosphere, conversation, and great beer selection.

Braveheart bar Hellertown, PA

Chris Poh is also an avid fan of the Braveheart, and he had the great opportunity to photograph this wonderful place, write about it, and get to know the folks who run it.  He was quickly taken by its perfectly stated influences.

Between pints of Belhaven Scottish Ale we are escorted on a tour of this fine establishment by Robbie, the manager who has found his way to Hellertown, Pennsylvania by way of Manchester, England and Ayrshire in Scotland. I am very impressed by this structure. For a new pub attempting to capture the spirit and look of the land of William Wallace and Robert Burns, it has not given into the temptation to overdo the theme, as so often is the case with most American attempts to recreate the UK or Irish public house experience. The building is a good balance of historic renovation, local craftsmanship and Caledonian authenticity.

Many great pubs tell their own great stories.  But like other works of art, a pub can also remind us of other stories and connect us to some that may not seem at first obvious.  In his article “Brave McKenzie”, Chris’ time at the Braveheart brings to mind an old aquiantance whose journey across the pond may not be all the dissimilar from Robbie and his mates.


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