Why do we even have April Fool’s Day?

Today is a big day on the calendar.  Around the first of April, many areas of the country long stuck in winter’s grip are finally free to reenter the great outdoors.  April means baseball is here, the playgrounds are open, and the covers come off the boats.  And we mark this re-awakening in a terrifically odd way, by playing tricks on each other.

April Fool’s Day is one of those oddities of human culture.  It appears on the calendar every year like a holiday, yet its observance is not tied to any particular country or creed.  In fact, only those with the more devious senses of humor are inspired by it at all.  Mostly it goes unnoticed, yet it is always there.

In fact, it is one of the most mysterious of holidays found on the calendar.  Very little is known about its heritage or history.  It can either be traced to the ancient Romans or perhaps 18th century England.  So basically, we don’t have any idea why we do this, but every year someone we know, either at the office or at home, insists on observing it.  We can only sit by and hope they don’t use us in their worship.

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