The American Breakdown

Only Driven to the Store and Church on Sunday

During our recent travels through Nevada we were able to experience firsthand some of the most haunted locations in America. And while the taverns featured in the current issue of American Public House Review might convince even the most hardened skeptic as to the possibility of life beyond closing time, this correspondent was most intrigued by the ghostly remains of American industry scattered about the Comstock.

Abandoned Ore Sluice

In many ways these images seem to reflect the current state of affairs in this country. We do appear, more often than not, to be broken down and mined out. But before we give ourselves over to despair, let us not lose sight of the fact that we are a resiliant nation that will recover, revive and rebuild.

And that which can not be salvaged for use by either the pragmatic or the practical will be left to the care of the artist – to become a thing of beauty or the source of a smile. 

Going My Way

The Metal King 

And by the way, if anyone can tell us the story of these two fellows that stand alongside Route 341 just south of Siver City, Nevada contact us at American Public House Review.

Posted by: Chris Poh, Publisher 



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