InBev Buys America

When I heard that Warren Buffett was in favor of the deal, I knew in my heart that the American cause was lost. The last vestige of our empire in the new world would fall victim to the Euronauts – Budweiser would be bested by the Belgians.

But before we all get overly jingoistic about the affair, let us remember those other great American brewers whose market shares were diminished or crushed by the juggernaut from St. Louis: Schaefer, Stroh’s, Schmiidt’s, Piels, Falstaff, Genesee, Narragansett, Rheingold, Knickerbocker, Hamm’s, Olympia, National Bohemian and of course the venerable – Olde Frothingslosh. Who amongst us has shed a tear or raised the flag on their behalf.

I believe that ridding ourselves of one company that has dominated better than fifty percent of the marketplace for such a long time is good for America. Just because InBev took Budweiser doesn’t mean that we can’t still kick some Bass.

Like our forefathers we must shed monarchy. We shall not be ruled by the king of beers.

I say, “Pabst for President and Schlitz for VP!”

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Posted by: Chris Poh, Publisher


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