I Think I Need a Drink

It’s 1:00 am – I just got done listening to another pundit critique the Biden Palin debate, and in few more hours the economic fate of the entire world may be decided by the knuckleheads in the U.S. House of “so called” Representatives. “I Think I Need a Drink!”

Concerning this pending bailout designed to avert the economic calamity that is being likened to the Crash of 29, there is one profound difference between the current Great Debacle and the Great Depression. There is no prohibition on the manufacture, distribution or sale of alcohol this time around. So no matter what happens, the clubs on Wall Street and the pubs Main Street will continue to serve.

As American Public House Review celebrates its first anniversary during the month of October by sharing some of our favorite articles of the past year, I recall a bit of illicit libations being served up at Peter McManus Cafe during the age of the Tommy gun and speakeasy.

And while you read “Mischief Mayhem and Stickball on 7th Ave,”  I’m going to pour myself a pint and toast Franklin Roosevelt for his efforts to nullify the ill effects of the Volstead Act.

A Perfect Pint

A Perfect Pint

  Posted by: Chris Poh, Editor-in-Chief

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