Searching two bars for Dunmore Throop

In our very first issue, we were introduced to the writings of a mysterious former employee of Scotland Yard name Dunmore Throop.  For some reason this international man of intrigue, and I guy that only editor Chris Poh has ever met…well, allegedly met, seems to enjoy strolling along the Delaware River during is days off.
The bar at the Indian Rock Inn

The bar at the Indian Rock Inn

Along the way he discovered a lovely spot called the Indian Rock Inn.  In my ongoing pursuit to find and actually talk to Mr. Throop, I stopped at the Indian Rock to question the help there about Mr. Throop’s visit.  No one seemed to have any idea who I was talking about.  But that is not at all surprising since I can only imagine that for security’s sake Mr. Throop did not reveal his true identity.  I mean after all, from years of working undercover at the Yard, he must still have quite a few people who would pay handsomely for information on his whereabouts. 

at Manhattan's famous White Horse Tavern

Manhattan's White Horse Tavern

But I must admit that I am somewhat worried about Mr. Throop these days.  The last time we heard from him was February when he reported to us from Manhattan’s famed White Horse Tavern.  The White Horse is one of America’s most historic pubs, and was once the favorite hangout of the legendary poet Dylan Thomas.  Mr. Throop seemed as enthralled with the place is Thomas himself was.

I tried to trace Mr. Throop’s steps here as well, but met with even less cooperation from those I interrogated there.  It seemed almost as though he had instructed them to cover for him.  There are a lot of people in Manhattan, and an awful lot of mysterious things can happen to mysterious people like Dunmore Throop.  But even though I may worry a bit, in my heart I do believe he will return from his hideaway soon enough.  This is a man who has served Scotland Yard well for decades.  A man like that is not easily found.

by David McBride

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