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SamOn most days, I receive at least one email that according to the sender must be shared with as many people as possible in order to ensure  the wellbeing of some aspect of the human condition. It seems the fate of  too many issues or too many people hinges on whether or not I respond to the friendly persuasion and electronic coercion of the digital age. Perhaps all that responsibility really does rest on my shoulders. Because ever since I’ve begun to exercise an extremely liberal use of the delete key, the world does seem to be a bit more troubled than usual.

So in order to atone for that modern day sin of not playing  well with others on the internet, I am going to pass along to as many people as possible one of the few stories that I’ve received via email that is truly worth sharing.

What follows is the email and images that I received from my friend Warren Spindler regarding the recent loss of one his  good friends.

Hi —

I made up a poster to tell people who knew Sam that he passed away months ago and posted it on the back of a sign on the bike path we used to walk. Last Sunday, I noticed the sign was removed and muttered about it for a few minutes walking home. Today, as I turned onto the path I noticed a new sign. At first I thought it was a  parity of the original. Not at all! What a wonderful surprise it was and the following kilometers flew by the rest of my run. This made my day and I want to share it.

Original Poster

Original Poster

The Rendering by a Kind and Generous Soul

The Rendering by a Kind and Generous Soul

There really is hope for the human kind!

To get a better sense of who Sam’s best friend was click here. 

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