The Clock is Ticking

“The court’s blinkered and aphoristic approach to the First Amendment may well promote corporate power at the cost of the individual and collective self-expression the Amendment was meant to serve…”   Justice John Paul Stevens

On  January 14th the wise minds that comprise the editorial board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists decided to give civilization a one minute reprieve from Armageddon – the “Doomsday Clock” was now set at six minutes from midnight. For the next few days I was feeling pretty darn good about our  prospects, that was until those  giants of jurisprudence decided to speed up the clock on the demise of democracy by awarding our invisible unaccountable corporate keepers further cover  by way of  the First Amendment.

My initial response to the ruling was dumbfounded belligerence, I was almost ready to join the ranks of the nearest “Tea Party,” so that I to could shout from the heights, “Take Back Our Country.” But then I remembered  that we never really had this country all to ourselves in the first place. Since the inception of the republic, it has been a constant struggle between those with power and wealth, and those of limited means trying to find fairness and favor within the framework of the Constitution.This questionable decision by the Supreme Court might just be the spark we need to rekindle that quest of achieving a government of the people, by the people, and for the people!

Time, as some fear, may be running out for America; but I would like to hope that the clock is set to tavern time, and that there is still another fifteen minutes to get this one right – or at least enough time to have one more drink before closing.

Posted by: Chris Poh



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