A King Holding Court

I have certainly made a habit of visiting the Rose and Crown inside Epcot, and I have also made a habit of talking on this blog about the pub’s iconic bartender Carl.  A few weeks ago I once again spent some quality time in this great pub, chatting with Carl and watching as this master barkeep held court.

Carl holding court at the Rose and Crown

Carl is known for not only being at the top of his nobel profession, but he is also a friend and a welcoming site for many a weary traveller.  He is perhaps best known for his bar-tricks, the “Leaning Pint of Guinness” chief among them.  But once again, he had myself and my fellow patrons scratching our heads trying to figure out one of his liquid riddles.

the work of a master

So, what we have above is two shot glasses, one on top of the other, and water filled half-way up the overturned top glass, which alone is puzzling.  Then, he balances a third glass on the bottom of the upside down one.  Bare in mind, the bottom of that glass is both wet and not exactly flat!  I can only imagine how many glasses I would shatter trying to do this on this hard bar-top…

By Dave McBride

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