Forget the Debt Ceiling, Too Many Americans Are Still Pacing the Floor and Pounding the Pavement


The above painting was created by Don Coker, an extremely talented and gifted human being who for much of his professional career plied his craft in the newspaper business. But like so many of us, Don fell victim to the economic upheaval that has left a large portion of our workforce facing changes and challenges that we were  never adequately prepared for.Fortunately though for the Coker household and their extended family there is enough genius and creativity to probably weather the darkest hours and the worst of storms.

Don’s wife, Bernadette, a songwriter, and his brother in-law, Chip Martin, a Nashville based producer and writer collaborated on a piece that poignantly speaks to the difficult journey that so many of our fellow citizens find themselves on. Via the technical support and expertise  provided by their sons, Alex and Zach, Bernadette and Don put together a video to go along with the song performed by Justin Spears.

Since Don has always been generous with sharing his work with the readers of American Public House Review, I thought it only proper that we feature this wonderful song and video. 

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