Everyone Here Claims to Be Irish

McSorley’s Old Ale House in New York City

What I truly love about St. Patrick’s Day is the simplicity of the whole thing. Rise early, comb the closet for the suitable green couture, dust off last year’s plastic hat, and find your way to an Irish Pub. The demands are few, and the rewards are many. Unfortunately, on this fine March morning, we find ourselves where we were last year at this time–still unable to procure that coveted seat at the bar. The ongoing threat of COVID continues to hinder our revelries and our need to claim in mass on this particular day that we are all Irish!

While there may be a good reason to call into question some of the exuberant behavior of the felt shamrock crowd, I still support the idea of human beings coming together to celebrate the possibility that we are all the same–because whether we like it or not, we are all the same–Irish, French, German, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, true-believers, non-believers, black, white, brown, red, yellow, and yes even Republicans and Democrats. And after this brutal year of enduring a global pandemic along with the normal maladies that plague our kind, and for the sake of the children in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, and for those gathering at our southern border–I pray for more days where we come together to celebrate our common humanity!

Happy ST. Patrick’s Day!

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To help you enjoy your in-home High Holy Day we invite you to listen to some great Celtic music by Dave McBride and the superb Irish band Runa at our free downloadable podcast site by clicking on Sit Downs and Sessions.

Posted by: Chris Poh for American Public House Review


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  1. Chris, this reminds me. Rick Kelly at Carmine’s Street Guitars uses wood from some of the old buildings being torn down to build Kelly guitars. He was also able to get a bit from McSorley’s. You can see the documentary, Carmine Street Guitars”, about his shop. My wife Shelli interviewed him for her podcast, if you want to copy and paste to listen. Very interesting guy. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-sonstein-sessions-28094539/episode/carmine-street-guitars-cinemas-hidden-figure-alice-guy-blach%C3%A9-30895580?cmp=ios_share&sc=ios_social_share&pr=false

  2. Many thanks for the link to your wife’s podcast. I will share this one with my guitar geek friends–which I have quite a few. Peace out, Chris

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