A Patriotic stop along the coast of Maine

Last month I wrote about a great tavern in Rockland, Maine called the Waterworks.  If you should happen to get there, especially during the month of July, and you are feeling a bit patriotic, there is an absolutely terrific place to stop not far from town.  Just outside Rockland, in the town of Thomaston, is the home of one of America’s great founders and warrior-patriots, Henry Knox.

Knox is one of the earliest and best examples of what we now call the “American Dream”.  He was born into poverty, but soon his hard work and intellect paid off.  At the age of 21 he opened his own bookstore and took a keen interest in artillery strategy.  When the American Revolution broke out, Knox joined the patriot cause and his knowledge and ability soon caught the eye of General George Washington.  With no formal training whatsoever, just self-taught know-how, Knox was appointed the Chief of Artillery for the Continental Army.

Montpelier, the Henry Knox Museum

Henry Knox served as a trusted aide to Washington for nearly the entire war.  He was with the Commander-in-Chief as they pulled off the storied victories at Trenton and Princeton, suffered the cold of winter in Valley Forge and Morristown, and fought gallantly at the battles of Monmouth, Brandywine, and Germantown.  When the Continental and French armies pinned Cornwallis at Yorktown, it was Henry Knox who placed and commanded the guns.

After the war Knox distinguished himself again when he served as the nation’s first Secretary of War.  He held that post for ten years and then decided to retire.  This incredibly accomplished man, who began life with little, moved his family to a gorgeous mansion in Maine called “Montpelier”, where he lived the rest of his life.

You can tour this incredible home and learn more about this inspirational founding father.  It is a terrific museum and a fun learning experience.  Check out the museum’s website for more details.

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