Pub Talk’s Countdown to St. Patty’s Day; the Rock of Cashel

The Pub Talk Countdown continues, and as we get closer to Saint Patrick’s Day, I thought a few photos from Ireland may help to put you in the holiday spirit.  Today’s photo is from the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, perhaps Ireland’s most iconic building.

The Rock of Cashel

Once the home of the High Kings of Munster, no one knows exactly when the Rock of Cashel was built, but we do know it was around for hundreds of years before the Norman invasion of Ireland in 12th century.  It is a sacred and well as historic site, as legend has it Saint Patrick himself converted the High King to catholicism on this spot sometime during the 5th century.  The Rock of Cashel was handed over to the church in 1101 and it served for centuries as the seat of one of Ireland’s archbishops.  That is until Oliver Cromwell came around…

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Irish Music and a great Irish Pub

Few things in this world go together as well as traditional Irish music and a great Irish pub.  Last month, those of us lucky enough to be in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania got to see the fruits of such a great combination as the High Kings, one of Ireland’s best folk groups, played at Brittingham’s, a truly fine Irish pub.

The High Kings are Ireland’s latest “supergroup” of folk music, with all four members coming to the band with enormous resumes and impressive pedigree.  Martin Furey and Finbarr Clancy come from perhaps the two most prominent families in Irish music history, while Brian Dunphy and Darren Holden joined the band after careers spanning from Ireland to Broadway and back again.  Together they bring a new yet solidly traditional take on some of Ireland’s best known and loved folksongs.

The High Kings made their name in Irish music with a PBS special that is not at all representative of what the band is now.  The polished performance of old has been replaced by what is now a raucous and romping Irish band.  Yes, you will have to put the pint down every once in a while to clap or sing.

Last month they blew the doors off of Brittingham’s pub in Lafayette Hill, PA.  The Kings played two fantastic shows for an eager crowd, and Brittingham’s provided just the right setting for the night.  If you get a chance and are in the area, check out Brittingham’s.

And while you are there, take the few steps up the street to the General Lafayette Inn and Brewery, a terrific brewpub we featured in APHR. 

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