What Comes First–the Cover-up or the Conspiracy?

A Proper Toast with Romulan Ale

Uncork the Saurian brandy and break out the Romulan Ale–we may be on the verge of once and for all finding out whether or not we are the sole inhabitants of the universe. According to a recently published New York Times op-ed written by the former United States Senator Harry Reid, our government is perhaps ready to come clean on what it knows about U.F.O.s. A report on the matter requested by the Senate Intelligence Committee may be made public as early as this June.

As to what came first the cover-up or the conspiracy, I once believed that our government was fully aware of what was happening in the skies above and that the lack of public disclosure by the military and our elected officials stoked the fires of countless conspiracies. But after listening to the conspiratorial crap being slung about by the QAnon crowd and that twenty percent of the U.S. population buy into these very dangerous lies–I now believe that what may appear to be ill-conceived cover-ups by the government is simply just good public policy. Because based upon our inability to deal with our terrestrial truth–it might remain wise to elude those extraterrestrial possibilities a bit longer!

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Just What the People Need–Another Damn Political Podcast. Welcome Once Again to Sit Downs and Sessions

Now that we are somewhat recomposed after the outcome of the 2016 United States presidential election, David McBride and I have ended our self-imposed silence and are once again sharing our outlook and opinions in that ubiquitous downloadable voice of the masses known as the podcast. So why the need to add to the estimated 54 million plus episodic expressions of the human condition available worldwide? I really don’t have the answer to that one, but if it does comes to me, I will be sure to delve into it in a future episode of Sit Downs and Sessions!

As to the motivations of my partner in this effort, I cannot speak to those either. But I can attest to the care, honesty, passion, reason, intelligence, and sense of humor that David McBride brings to the countless hours of conversation that we’ve shared over our decades old association. And it is my hope that I can mirror those attributes as we bring our combined fifty years of commercial and public broadcasting experience into this internet medium.

While Dave and I are both lifelong devotees of the American political scene, we understand that there is more to life than just trying to make sense of that peculiar breed of people who inhabit the statehouse, the West Wing, or the Halls of Congress. There are serious global threats, UFOs, and that ongoing search for treasure on Oak Island–all of which have already been addressed to some degree during our fist six episodes. With such a diverse range of topics, those discussions of alien abductions, ghostly apparitions, and mythical cryptids are just simply a matter of time.

So make that morning commute, afternoon workout, or late night whiskey a little more pleasant with Sit Downs and Sessions!


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Coming soon to Sit Downs and Sessions aliens and politicians square off over the Capitol!

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The Perfect Pint for a New Mexico Mystery

The other night a customer at the bar, that had recently returned from a trip to New Mexico, was extolling the virtues of  the beers produced in the “Land of Enchantment” by Sierra Blanca Brewinghis favorite being their Roswell Alien Amber Ale. That exchange led to the inevitable discussion about “Area 51,” the newly published book  by Annie Jacobsen, a respected investigative journalist who covers issues concerning national security.

While  Ms. Jacobsen’s work mostly deals with those things that one would expect to see addressed in an intelligent well researched inquiry into the workings of one of the world’s most secret military installations (atomic testing, advanced weapons design, experimental aircraft and espionage) there is the new explanation as to what actually occurred in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 that I find a bit hard to swallow.

The author suggests that the purported crash of a possible extraterrestrial craft was actually a highly developed Soviet  spy plane, that was built by way of technology secured from the Germans after the Second World War. There is also the fantastic claim that the aircraft was piloted by genetically altered children, with alien-like features, that were the result of experiments conducted by the infamous Nazi “Angel of Death”  Joseph Mengele at the behest of  Joe Stalin. And supposedly the point to all of this was simply an attempt by the Russians to wage an elaborate game of psychological warfare against an American population that was apparently  living in fear of a possible invasion from outer space.

Quite frankly though, after suffering the hardships and horrors of  World War II, and now having to cope with the new threats posed by the nuclear age, I believe Americans would probably have had the grit to deal with an intergalactic tussle with little green men.

But since I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next earthling, let’s examine some of the known facts that may have led Ms. Jacobsen to propose this rather astounding hypothesis:

  • By the end of the war the Germans had developed the Horton HO 229 Fighter/Bomber, a long-range jet powered flying wing that was the forerunner of modern stealth technology. 
  • During the early 1950s a comprehensive book by Rudolph Lusar appeared in Europe that chronicled Nazi weapons development during the Second World War. In a section of the book devoted to special projects, the author provides detailed information about a German saucer program.
  • On June 14th, 1947, aviator Kenneth Arnold claims that during a flight near Mt. Rainer he witnessed seeing a formation of nine unusual disc-like craft flying at speeds estimated to be in excess of 1200 miles per hour.  His description of  the lead craft does bear some resemblance to the Horton 229. This sighting is considered to be the beginning of the modern age UFOs.
  • Either in June or early July of the same year, rancher William “Mac” Brazel happened upon some strange debris on the Foster homestead located near Roswell, New Mexico.
  •  On July 8th, 1947,  the public information officer at the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release that stated that members of the 509th Bomb Group had recovered what was referred to as a “flying disc.” On the following day the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force reported to the press that it was, in fact,  the remnants of a radar-tracking balloon that was retrieved from the ranch near Roswell.
  • The entire incident quickly faded from the public’s memory. But in 1978, physicist and ufologist Stanton Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel who was involved with the original recovery operation in 1947. Marcel told Friedman that an actual crashed alien spacecraft was removed from the New Mexico site, and that the military and government were involved in the cover-up. This led to years of wild speculation within the UFO community, and it brought to light other supposed crash and recovery operations conducted by the United States military.   
  • But the absolutely most important fact to remember is that any book about Area 51 that does not include some wild supposition about UFOs is doomed to be quickly relegated to the bargain bookshelf.

And lastly, had Stalin actually been in possession of some technologically superior mode of flight that could have bested the air forces of the world in 1947, I doubt that even this crazy Russian would have given the keys to the craft to some mutant teenager and then told him to take it for a spin over the deserts of New Mexico.

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