“Never Trust a Man That Doesn’t Drink”

The  quote above  is attributed to America’s greatest raconteur and philosopher,  William Claude Dukenfield of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If this bold statement was simply about the trustworthiness of inebriates, it  would be  rather unfair to lay such harsh judgement upon those who by some aspect of  moral consequence or physical affliction refrain from the intake of  strong drink. But in fact while Mr. Dukenfield  himself exibited  a sincere fondness for gin, his profound social commentary spoke more to those who might be  somewhat parsimonious when it comes to  partaking in the give and take of that which  flows from the cup of human kindness.
William Claude Dunkenfield

William Claude Dunkenfield

Earlier this evening President George Bush delivered his farewell address to the citizens of  the United States of America. He does not drink…but his father does. 

Fuggles IPAA well placed source at Federal Jack’s Brewpub in Kennebunkport, Maine assured me that whenever George Herbert Walker Bush stopped  in for an IPA during his term in office, he made  it a point to buy those around him a pint to offset any inconvenience his presence, along with the cadre of Secret Service, might cause the other customers.

In a recent article published in American Public House Review we learn about President Elect Barack Obama’s appreciation of America’s brewing tradition. Associate Editor, David McBride recounts the candidate’s swing through Pennsylvania during the Democratic Primary, and his session at the Bethlehem Brew Works. Apparently our next president appreciates a good ESB.

While a predisposition to hops does not speak to  Barack Obama’s ability to lead a troubled nation, I prefer presidents that glean inspiration and intelligence from the IPA or ESB as opposed to the CIA

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